Shoetrades Publications

Books, Glossaries, Dictionaries and Technical Manuals

Directories of suppliers

to the leather and footwear industries with addresses and contact information, web sites and e-mail addresses and key personnel, grouped geographically as well as by processes, products and brands.

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Design reference

books for the creative team, including color theory and color trends for designers, stylists and line builders.

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Books for footwear professionals and footwear buffs

chosen to enlighten and inspire, ranging from lavishly illustrated texts dealing with the art and science of footwear from sneakers and cowboy boots to stilettos, biographies of inspirational designers and business people, to technical books dealing with the nuts and bolts of footwear production and design

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Glossaries and dictionaries

of interest to tanners, footwear manufacturers, designers, retailers and their customers explaining the terms used to describe the leathermaking process, footwear production, foot anatomy and more in up to six languages

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Technical manuals

and textbooks for leather producers, covering all aspects of the leather manufacturing process from raw to finished, including possible defects.

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